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U.S. Constitutional Law Protects Donald Sterling's Racist Views
Clarence Walker says Free Speech and bigotry are protected by the U.S. Constitution, that we must beware the thought police that prevent people from speaking
08:28 May 1, 2014

New Study Reveals Most Criminals Return to Prison Within Three Years
African-Americans had the highest recidivism rate (81%) within five years of release, compared with 75% for Hispanics and 73% for whites.
07:55 Apr 29, 2014

Frame-Up: Innocent Suspects Framed By Police in Drug-Plant Scheme Awarded $3.5 M
Investigative reporter Clarence Walker says our criminal justice system hinges on the honesty of law enforcement officers. When officers lie to obtain a conviction, they shatter people's lives.
21:06 Apr 10, 2014

Corporations Forcing Consumers and Employees Into Arbitration
Arbitration can be a fair and effective dispute resolution when both parties agree to handle matters this reasonable way.
10:08 Mar 27, 2014

Mexican National Acquitted in Officer Murder Faces Retrial On Related Drug Charges
The case of Mexican National Roberto Romain, acquitted in Utah State Fourth District Court in the 2010 murder of Millard County Deputy Sheriff Josie Greathouse Fox gets complicated.
12:16 Dec 6, 2013

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Warning: Brain-Eating Amoebas: CDC Tips for Summer Swimmers
A 12-year-old girl contracted a rare infection caused by a brain-eating amoeba in Arkansas, and it may be tied to summer heat and drought conditions, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Wind Turbines Clutter the North German Countryside
Thousands of wind turbines have been erected in northwest Germany to capture winds blowing in from the North Sea. Almost 23,000 wind turbines operated in Germany at the end of 2012

Theft is Legal Book Review
Educational and extremely focused, our reviewer recommends Theft Is Legal to a business-minded audience and rates it 4 out of 5 stars.

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