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After reading this information it makes me wonder if I am being charged more for my long distance calls. the way the system is set up they can switch you without you knowng and I feel that should be a decison I should make myself. Some of the companies that deal with this service can charge you outrages rates and you don’t even know what it is for. There should be more explainations done concerning our bill and what we are paying for.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) had to adopt rules that would protect amateur radio operators from the reach of community association rules, architectural standards, and other private land use restrictions that can interfere with the installation and operation of amateur radio towers and antennas.
  • FCC Issues $11 Million in Total Fines to Three Long Distance Carriers for Cramming, Slamming, Deceptive Marketing, and Truth-In-Billing Violations; Central Telecom Long Distance, Inc., Consumer Telcom, Inc., and U.S. Telecom Long Distance, Inc.
  • FCC to Host Info Session on Communications Technology Transitions ito nform consumers about how the switch from copper networks to new technologies will affect them.

“When customers realized what had occurred and returned to their preferred carriers, these companies continued to charge consumers a recurring monthly fee” and also “failed to clearly and plainly describe the charges included in their customer bills, as required by the FCC’s rules.””