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Being able to read this article has given me more knowledge in how to incorporate my business idea into action. There are many levels that you have to face in the business word. Most businesses is run through technology and if you are not familiar with technology you will be at a lost. If I incorporate the things that are mention in this article, I have a good opportunuty to be successful in my business.

Key Takeaways:

  • Invention harvesting involves prompting innovators to conceive of new inventions or reveal inventions already conceived and documenting such inventions so they may be protected via the patenting process.
  • Many companies are aware of the potential benefits of invention harvesting and aspire to begin or expand its use.
  • Invention harvesting is a powerful tool to drive innovation, but its promises are likely to be unfulfilled unless a company takes concrete steps to support and nurture its implementation.

“Significantly, invention harvesting also can be leveraged outside the project context to encourage innovators to invent disruptive technologies to occupy a future, envisioned landscape, and to protect such technologies through the patenting process before others do so.”