business startup course

Startup entrepreneurs, especially first-time players, often leave legal issues until they think they have a real need. The interesting thing is that legal matters for entrepreneurs cover a lot more than legal representation when a problem occurs. Choosing a business structure and filling out state and federal forms are some of the really important things to get right, up front.

To help business owners and startups get on the right path, New York business law firm, Fisher Stone P.C. has launched an exclusive entrepreneurs-only program. This free program helps entrepreneurs get started the right way. The firm created classes and programs that teach participants about documents and information that are “the lifeline” of any startup.

Leveraging their understanding of business success gained over many years, Fisher Stone, P.C. designed what they call a 3-step “road to success” for startups.

Speaking about the new program, Managing partner Gregory Stone said, “Developing this program has been challenging and fulfilling … we did it to help entrepreneurs get started.”

The first part of the course is called “Business Starting Line.” It was specifically designed to teach entrepreneurs everything they need to know about starting a new business and to determine whether it is viable.

While the course provides information for almost any kind of startup, it works especially well for technology, biotech and financial startups. In addition, the course also works well for real estate developers.

The common topics between these startups that the course addresses are protection and business startup laws/structure, incorporation strategies, trademarks; and funding and taxes, including crowdfunding and venture capital.

The second step in the program comes under the heading “Entrepreneur Membership.” To gain access to the second step, participants must successfully complete the first part, “Business Starting Line.”

Business determined to be a viable startup are invited to join an exclusive networking group of like minded individuals. This allows them to exchange ideas, avoid critical business mistakes and help each other grow, and they may decide to do business between themselves.

“Before this course, I felt really lonely as a young tech entrepreneur. I had nobody to talk to in an open down-to-earth manner that could help me grow, feel good about myself and have a little fun,” one participant said.

The third part of the course is the “Bootstrapping Kit.”

“Bootstrapping Kit” helps participants navigate the paperwork jungle that can be confusing and overwhelming. This part of the course helps participants understand where to start and which documents are needed for their company’s business model.

Some paperwork may need to be filled out by an attorney, while they can handle other papers on their own. They also learn the pros and cons of allowing an attorney to fill out certain paperwork they could handle themselves.

No startup should make any decision about incorporation or legal representation without learning the ropes from seasoned attorneys and fellow entrepreneurs.

This approach to startup law is the first of it’s kind in the NYC area. Fisher Stone, P.C. Managing partner Lowrance Fisher said, “Knowledge is power and it provides the building blocks for a successful business.”

The three-part course is available at the firm’s Manhattan office. It is open to startups from Westchester to Montauk.

To register for this free program simply call or visit: Fisher Stone, P.C. 25 Broadway, Fl 9, New York, NY 10004, 212-256-1877.