Safety shoes. Image by Capri23auto from Pixabay

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When you’ve suffered a trip and fall on commercial premises or you’ve been impacted by a vehicle as a pedestrian, then the cost of medical care and potential lost earnings are considerable. As the costs mount, it’s worth considering whether hiring a personal injury lawyer is the right next step to take.

Safety shoes. Image by Capri23auto from Pixabay
Safety shoes. Image by Capri23auto from Pixabay

Here are some suggestions on how to choose a personal injury lawyer.

Find Someone Local

If you’ve suffered an injury within Florida, then don’t make the mistake of trying to hire someone out of state. They will not be conversant in local and state laws as they relate to personal injuries.

A Palm Beach FL personal injury lawyer, for instance, will know about any changes to the law that relate to seeking and getting reasonable compensation. They probably will have useful contacts around town, including local insurers.

Choose a Personal Injury Lawyer, Only

Don’t hire a journeyman lawyer who covers many different aspects of the law.

It’s too difficult to stay current with everything they need to know across many fields. Instead, choose a lawyer that specializes in personal injury cases.

Verify That They’re in Good Standing

It’s prudent to check whether the lawyer is in good standing before hiring them.

This is done by checking with the Florida Bar to see whether a potential lawyer has any complaints filed against them that you should be aware of. Whilst most lawyers are highly reputable, it never hurts to check.

Doing this gives you confidence when making a final selection.

How Many Cases Have They Previously Handled?

Some lawyers are new and haven’t handled many personal injury cases previously. Others, have many years of experience in their field and have seen everything from opposing counsel.

Do they ever go to court on behalf of their clients or do they tend to settle out of court? It’s not necessarily a bad thing if they typically achieve out of court settlements as court battles are lengthy, expensive, and problematic. Nevertheless, it’s useful to know that they do, at least, have some trial experience should that be needed.

Alternatively, do they have outside counsel they hire in for court cases?

Can You Communication Easily with Them?

You won’t get along with everyone. Some people aren’t great communicators and others are verbose. Lawyers are the same. When speaking to one, do you feel comfortable opening up to them about what’s happened to you?

Do they put you at ease whilst also giving you confidence that they will handle your personal injury claim in a dogged fashion? You want someone who’s confidently conversant with all the relevant laws but who is equally strong talking to insurance companies or with their client.

When dealing with a personal injury, it’s a very trying time. It will set you back personally. Maybe you have mobility issues now or you’re still in shock over what happened. For anyone who’s never been an accident or fall in their life, it can be very surprising and bewildering to know what to do about it. At this point, it makes sense to seek assistance from a qualified lawyer who’s there to help you through the ordeal to reach the other side.