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Indonesia just executed two Australians and six other drug smugglers after a holdup of several weeks due to attempts to save their lives. Australian media appeared to cover nothing else, as though it was th most important thing in the world to save the ringleaders of a drug smuggling ring. After many requests for clemency, Indonesia’s president contunied to ignore the calls and the eight people were executed by firing squad.

Now, North Carolina lawmakers have decided to resume their executions after a nine year break. Rather than a firing squad, NC executions are by lethal injection.

[JURIST] North Carolina lawmakers on Wednesday approved a measure aimed at resuming executions after nine years. The law removes the requirement to have a doctor present at all lethal injections and instead would allow nurses, physician’s assistants or paramedics to oversee lethal injections in the state. North Carolina’s House of Representatives [official website] passed the legislation in an 84-33 vote. The measure still must pass the Senate. Currently there are 149 inmates on death row in North Carolina. The state… via North Carolina lawmakers approve bill to resume executions

via North Carolina lawmakers approve bill to resume executions

The Oklahoma Department of Corrections uses the drug midazolam for its lethal injection program, and this week saw the Supreme Court heard arguments about its constitutionality under the Eighth Amendment. This case came about because of a previous botched execution.

The US Supreme Court [official website] heard oral arguments [day call, PDF] in two cases Wednesday. In Glossip v. Gross [transcript, PDF] the court heard arguments on whether Oklahoma’s lethal injection protocol is unconstitutional under the Eighth Amendment [text]. The case originated when four death row inmates filed a complaint [complaint, PDF] against the director of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections [official website] for the use of the midazolam drug in the state’s lethal injection protocol, alleging that the drug… via Supreme Court hears arguments on Oklahoma lethal injection procedure