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While not everyone is familiar with the term “ambulance chaser,” anyone who has watched TV  would be aware of the term. The image of an ambulance-chasing lawyer should give you pause. That type of aggressive and experienced attorney may seem like a great option for some, but there is still a need to evaluate them like any other attorney. To find a trustworthy personal injury attorney, begin the search by narrowing down the list to attorneys who specialize in a relevant type of injury. For example, a car wreck specialist may be great, but someone involved in a hospital error or incident will want to hire an experienced medical malpractice lawyer.

Track record

When looking for a reliable personal injury attorney, you must look for a number of things. First, try checking their track record and their credibility. Make sure to search and read online reviews and ask for references if possible. Also check their credentials, including whether they are members of any organizations that deal with personal injury. If possible, check their disciplinary record as well. And most importantly, make sure to check their honesty and integrity.


The reputation of personal injury attorneys has been tarnished by TV commercials and ambulance chasers that make the news cycle. As is often the case, reality is a bit different. The profession is complex and highly technical, involving an endless list of legalities. Nevertheless, the personal injury field is one of the hottest fields for lawyers today. According to the American Bar Association, there are currently 1.4 million registered attorneys in the United States.


Personal injury attorneys with a long history of resolving similar types of cases are invaluable in helping injured people recover compensation. They are often the first line of defense for a client, submitting medical bills and other documentation to the liability carrier. They also initiate informal negotiations to help their clients secure the compensation they deserve. A good personal injury attorney has a strong track record, establishing himself or herself as a leading expert on such cases.

Social media presence

When marketing a personal injury law firm like, there is a focus on creating content and posting on relevant topics. The lawyers will think about the questions their practice is often asked and write about those topics. They or their staff share their content with their social media audience by publishing on a personal blog or guest posting sites. Social media platforms can help to reach a larger audience. Creating a social media presence for the personal injury law firm helps prospective clients because they can discover the firm by making social connections.


The foregoing is a short list of ways to  research before hiring an attorney. Finding trustworthy personal injury attorneys can be difficult. Consider whether they are a member of the relevant state bar association. While national listings are great for identifying potential candidates, they are not always the most reliable source of candidates. While bar associations are known to have a high percentage of highly qualified attorneys, they are not always the most reliable resource for personal injury cases. As such, you should carefully evaluate each individual attorney, taking into account their experience and reputation.